Weekend in July

yes my darlings i had to exhale a lot this morning…but therein lies the beauty of the written word…no need to let your heart explode all over anything but the screen.  if you try to let it be more exaggerated it is futile.  sure, my neck’s a bit tense, but i got it out of my system and am back to doing one of the things i love…above you see one of my personal favorites, the gorgonzola truffle…dusted with a bit of orange zest (my usual lemon zest was forgotten on my trip to the store), it’s a strong bite that makes your mouth think while it tastes.  i also rolled some mint truffles dusted in cocoa, and espresso lovelies sprinkled with italian grounds.  next up?  cayenne, sprinkled with chili flakes; ginger spice, topped with a bit of candied ginger; and kahlua, which needs no introduction.

a brief panic attack then ensued as i started writing this blog around lunchtime, as my wee li’l netbook was attacked by not one, not two, but SIX viruses and their evil posses.  but, never fear, my buddy who lives in the neighborhood (also an engineer), rode over with the cure for an ailing netbook not to mention a lifesaving McAfee addition – all for the price of 6 truffles.  talk about a good guy!  so i am back alive online.  being a poor girl right now trying to right her budget, it had brought me close to vomiting to see the baddies on my computer and whooping out loud when it was fixed.  y’all know what i mean?

saturday night and i ain’t got nothin’ on my mind but gorgeous sunflowers as i wait for the last of the truffles to solidify so i can dip them tonight and be all ready for next saturday..

this resting time between batches is necessary…waiting for them to dry after dipping/dusting, i finished watching when harry met sally and think about autumn.  perhaps its the overcast day and the beginning of my sunflowers blooming that is affecting me, but i am a sentimental fool when it comes to the fall. harvesting fruit, crunching through leaves, and – decidedly un-eco of me – my luscious black knee boots with the heels.  but i’m good for now…i’ve got my lemonade, my bowl o’ pasta, and i’m – FINALLY – chill.


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