Weekend in Pictures: The Tahoe Edition

Long weekend with lots of fun and great things to make a lot of smiles on this face 🙂

there were lots of quiet moments like this, but first I’ll tell you what came before this…

Yep this is what you think it is!! It’s so beautifully simple – made in the Northwest from conflict-free diamonds and recycled white gold, it makes me smile every time I look at it. My partner knew I’d had my eye on it for some time, and while we knew we were going to do make it legal sooner or later, when he got down on one knee and put it on my finger to formally propose, we both were super emotional. My partner and I have shared so much over the past few years and while not all of it’s been easy, we’ve shed the skins of our past lives and moved forward together in the most gorgeous of ways. It’s so wonderful to have my best friend by my side.

Then to kick off my 40th birthday celebrations (yes that’s plural!) we went to Stanich’s, a great burger joint that I’ve been going to since I was a kid, and actually celebrated my 21st at many years ago. It was great to just go somewhere chill like that and be around a bunch of good friends. And of course, the infamous burger with everything on it was not to be missed (yep, it was a GF/DF “holiday” for me followed by peptos to keep my stomach from exploding after, but it was worth every bite). (photo source)

The next morning, we hopped a flight to Lake Tahoe where we had rented a condo at Incline Village for a long lazy weekend. While the drought made snow not as plentiful as we’d hoped for, the lake was all we dreamt of and more, and let me tell you, lakeshore livin’ is the way. Walking on the beach with my sweetheart one morning we stared forever at the sky’s reflection in the water.

We just dig our life together and constantly make each other laugh. Our silliness was actually captured on camera over the weekend as we played at the lake…that’s how we roll, y’all…

And while there was only patchy snow along the lake, Mt Rose did not disappoint, giving us the chance to play as I loved showing my Aussie fella how this cold white stuff works!!!!

For the memory books – his first ever snow angel! I nearly peed myself it was so funny and awesome to see him do that then plop down next to him and do one myself.

Loved the elevated paths we were on by the way…

Pretty awesome seeing my friends, my sweetheart, and my brother & sister-in-law all grinning as my candles were brought to me to blow out. If you chose dairy-free ice cream instead of cake for your b-day, how do you get 40 candles involved? Simple! Bread!

Dinner in Incline Village with friends was fun 🙂

Happiness is a walk in the snow with my favorite guy in the whole wide world!

Kind of a good excuse to get out of the car and snap photos!

Waking up early to catch the sunrise while the rest of the house slept? A priceless quiet moment for me. This view was from our bedroom, but I probably could fill a room with the number of shots I took out on the deck in the 20 degree cold of early morning light!

happy sigh…

getting to see my honey hanging out with my bro? awesome.

we’ve got a good life ❤

Being that I am who I am, I waited to give my formal “yes!” to him while we stood in the snow, just the two of us, breathing in the quiet and crunching in the snow. This love? It’s ours and ours alone.

Then after a 5 hour delay at the airport, we finally got home and headed over to Ciao Vito for amazing pork sugo on polenta, Spanish octopus and house made fettucine. That and the best Bordeaux blend I’ve had in many years, finished off by an impromptu dance with my (ooh!) fiance to Ella Fitzgerald before we headed home. (photo source)


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