DIY Wellness: Electrolytes for Tummy Troubles



This weekend, I had the "thrill" of, after dealing with the heartbreaking burglary of my two bikes and all of my power tools from my garage, then hearing of the death of my uncle, feeling my body weaken into a gnarly case of the stomach flu.  I won’t elaborate on the beauty of gastroenteritis – y’all know it’s similar to having your insides scraped with knives – but I did want to share a new discovery:  my tweak on a homemade electrolyte beverage recipe.

Being sick and living alone, and not being great at asking for help, after a long evening dealing with the yuckiness, I woke up incredibly dehydrated, and weak to the point where just walking to the kitchen was exhausting.  So the thought of walking the four blocks to the grocery store to get some Gatorade or Pedialyte (both which have horrendous chemicals used for their flavorings – Gatorade adding the bonus of corn syrup, Pedialyte using artificial flavors)?  Not gonna happen.

So, yay smartphone, I typed in “homemade pedialyte” and found two great recipes on the blog, OurLittleMonkeys. As I completely disagree with using “Kool-Aid” to flavor, well, ANYTHING, I modified the recipe to include apple-ginger juice.  Apple, part of the BRAT formula, and ginger, because it’s so good for the tummy.  Looks like this:

Mix all together and sip, slowly.  And don’t rush the healing.  Be kind to your body, let it rebuild.

As for me, the winter sky is blue, so I’m going to grab my sippy cup, bundle up and feel the sunlight on my face.  On this day where our President officially begins his second term, on this day honoring Dr King, on this year marking 50 years of the Civil Rights Movement, it’s time to get started…

“the time is always right to do the right thing” ~ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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