Wellness Wisdom: 4 of My Favorite Home Remedies (& a new one!)

One of the things I’ve loved about being in blog-land is how much I’ve learned about what other folks are doing to take care of themselves, from Ashley English’s Honey Foot Soak to FiveSeed’s DIY Shampoo to MoveEatCreate’s guest blog post on Managing Inflammation Naturally. So today, I thought I’d share four of my favorites, and a new one I’ve recently come across…

* I have been a longtime fan of L-Lysine for cold sores. Just like the person in the article, when I get the slightest feeling that one is developing, I take a few over that first day and 99% of the time it never emerges!  It’s also a great boost for the Vitamin C if I feel a cold coming on…

* It’s true, you can Heal Warts With Duct Tape.  About a month ago I developed a gnarly one on my thumb. I had heard about this, looked it up on a few sites, and while they don’t know how it does it, I can tell you from personal experience that in two weeks, mine had completely dried up.  No doctor’s visits, no fancy ointments, no trips to the pharmacy, just walked into my home office and pulled a piece of shipping tape out and wrapped it around my thumb.

* Tummy problems, like the stomach flu, the kind that lay you out, always have folks telling you to grab some Gatorade or Pedialyte at the store.  But what if you can’t drag your arse outta bed in the first place? Or you don’t want something full of corn syrup and chemical food coloring? I love this homemade remedy to tackle the dehydration that comes from gastroenteritis And it’s actually pretty tasty!

* I’ve been a big fan of apple cider vinegar (ACV) as hair conditioner for the past couple of years. I buy organic, unfiltered ACV at the store in the bulk aisle and combine one part water, three parts vinegar in a reusable bottle right in my shower – right where the expensive conditioner used to be 🙂

And finally, a new bouquet of sorts of remedies that I recently discovered and have bookmarked for the future (although of course, as this is all about relieving mosquito bites, I hope I’ll never need to again deal with one!):




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