What a Difference a Dayyyyy Makes…

You start the morning with general anxieties creeping at you from all directions…

So you start out by doing what always calms you – you make your truffles.  Mint for the masses, and a new flavor – four lemon (still pondering a good name), a mixture of lemon extract, lemon juice, and lemon balsamic, dusted with lemon zest.  LALAALAAAAA yum.

You have lunch with someone who wants to hook you up with a big customer for truffles, has great advice to offer on small business, AND wants to hire you to personal chef two nights a week for his household..  As a friend of mine would say – JAY-ZUS!

So you ride your bike home and are grinning and singing along to various Gwen Stefani, loving life in your little purple dress and wearing the hair down so you can feel the sunshine and the breeze.  That would be enough for one day, right?

But then you get home and decide to take a drive with your roomie so he can hit the skate park while you go sell some books and chill at your favorite little cafe, and research how much personal chefs charge so you can come up with a proposal (any readers out there have suggestions by the way?). But as soon as you flip your laptop open, your phone rings with an opportunity to work part time for double the money you’re used to making in a full time job, just 15 minutes ride from home.  And then ten minutes later a call from what you thought was a company who had rejected you – a company whose building, strangely enough, you were born in.  They overrode the submitter and want to meet with you this Thursday.  So, after all this, you might have the opportunity to CHOOSE.

So you end your conversations and click on the site of one of your favorite writers to read one of their last chapters in their current saga, and even though you don’t have that glass of wine next to you as was recommended, you still give it your full attention and find yourself smiling and melancholy and proud, all at the same time.  The leaves are changing outside and this writer is evolving, and you see there is hope that while they’ve come full circle, they are not looking to the start of the circle but rather to the beginning of their next story.  The beauty of ending one chapter is that you get to start a new one.  Fresh starts with lessons learned and adventures to come…

Top it off with a good slice of pizza and you’re home, wondering whaaaaat the heck today was all about, but glad for it.


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