When Life Gives You Lemons? Make Banana Pudding.


Now I’ve been loving banana pudding since a young age, with the great fortune as an Oregonian to have spent some time living in the south and having some dear friends over the years who either come from the south or have soul food as part of their culture. So when I realized last month that my husband had NEVER had it? Oh you know that had to change. He got a sampling of it during recent travels and was an instant believer (oh how I love this man!), so when we got home I started sifting through various recipes, and decided to try this recipe by Trisha Yearwood (yep, the singer) that I found on the Food Network site.

Of course, as I always do, I had to adjust things a wee bit, but not a heck of a lot! One of the things I was nervous about was putting meringue on top, but let me tell you? Worth it. SO worth it. And yeah, in two and a half days we polished off this whole thing between the two of us.

When I share recipes I like to share specifics on the ingredients so to not only provide better insight but also how I try to keep things as green/sustainable as possible. Here is how I adjusted and/or customized this recipe’s ingredients:

4 local chicken eggs (we have ducks but for some reason their eggs aren’t great for whipping into stiff peaks so I was fortunate enough to be chook-sitting for my vacationing neighbors who have 15-20 birds and had loads of their eggs around!) 2/3 c organic brown sugar (I almost always prefer brown sugar instead of white sugar in recipes, and buy this in the bulk aisle. Also, I *always* decrease the sugar in recipes as I’ve found that it allows the other tastes – like bananas, which are already sweet! – to come forward while still providing good sweetness)

3 T organic all-purpose flour (I was a longtime fan of Bob’s Red Mill organic, until they started selling flour in plastic bags! So now we get it from the bulk bins or buy King Arthur) 1/2 t plus a pinch sea salt (we alternate between sea and kosher and grey, all are good) 2 c goat milk (this happened by accident – they do NOT sell quarts of whole milk at our grocer and I just don’t use it otherwise, so I got goat milk instead. The bonus? Because goat milk is easier to digest, I had no tummy ache from overindulging, haha…) 1/2 t vanilla (I make homemade vanilla now and it is SO awesome…half a bottle of vodka + a bunch of fair trade vanilla beans I ordered via Etsy + darkness + time = super yum)

Box of organic vanilla wafers (this makes a BIG difference in taste compared to the highly-processed Nilla Wafers – seek these out at your natural foods grocer or make them homemade if you’re a real badass…) 3 large, ripe organic bananas (we usually only eat bananas when husband brings home the brown ones from the co-op he works at, so this was perfect…they’ve got a hella carbon footprint since they’re not grown in the US, so it’s a treat)

I’ll let you click on the earlier link to get the directions that go with it. This is serious comfort food and the few extra minutes to do the meringue? It’s like a happiness cloud in your mouth with that on top. Total distraction from the stuff life throws at you, if just for a short time.

Hella yum. Enjoy!

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