Where I Be Chillin’ (part five)

Today after doing a ton of weeding, raking, and other garden maintenance work, my wonderful WWOOF’ing host snatched me up to come along with her to Queenscliff so I could check out the local village while she was at pilates.  It was a perfect overcast and mild day for it as well after last week’s mega heat.  Ended the day walking on the beach, spotting a rainbow-esque parrot flying overhead, enjoying another delicious meal (pasta with salmon and garden veggies) and chatting with my honey.  Purrrrfect.

cappuccino and time spent writing in my journal at Panache Cafe & Creperie…yum…

checking out the overlook onto the Southern Ocean at Point Lonsdale

amazing lunch at Raw Ingredients – Vietnamese chicken salad &  amazing chai, brewed from freshly ground spices daily, lovely!

Loved Homebody Orchard, a little shop in Queenscliff. Picked up a few goodies for some of my girls while I was there (no hints!). (Photo source)

Kate, my host, with her palomino quarter horse, Honey.  Honey has her own “job” during the day, being loaned out to the various neighbors to help them keep their lawns down (and hey, saves $ on food!) – perfect for a food motivated horse!  When Kate goes to pick up Honey, she runs to her like an excited puppy, it’s the sweetest thing 🙂

the back road from my host’s home to the ocean…so peaceful…

ahhh…Port Phillip Bay, which, during a clear day, provides a far-off view of the Melbourne skyline

love the aqua of the water down here…it’s even more amazing when the sky is blue!

shells shells shells!

quiet and mellow along the Indented Head coastline

such a bummer to be me, bwa-hahahahaha


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