Where I Be Chillin’ (part four)

WWOOF‘ing this week down in Indented Head, near Geelong, about an hour south of Melbourne…a wonderful family hosting me who come from the biodynamic vineyard biz, who’ve recently moved to a smaller patch of land 200m from the waterfront and live in a simple yet gorgeous eco-house designed to accommodate the sun in the winter and fend it off in the hot summer, with strong energy and water conservation measures that would put most Americans to shame.  She ran her own vineyard and winery for many years, he’s an artist with a Jackson Pollack-esque feel to his work, with two of their kids and her mother also sharing space…and five dogs…and a horse…but you’d never know as it is so quiet and peaceful.  In these first couple of days, I’ve stacked and sorted out wood for repurposing, burning and rubbish, planted spinach, lettuce and peas, built a pea trellis, constructed a small fence, spread manure (how cool is it having their own producer, aka Honey their palomino quarter horse), watered the indigenous plants & trees, and enjoyed good conversation (and wine!) with my hosts.  My sweetheart is taking the train down here on Saturday morning and we’ll get some play time together before heading back to Melbourne.

Life = good.

love their modular style eco home…

my studio – so comfy and cool even in the heat!

one of my five bff’s 🙂

pomegranates on the tree…mmmm!


the lil fence I built out of scrap wood


the garden – lovely eh! i planted peas, spinach, and lettuce yesterday and will be weeding today

back entrance to the house – 1000 liter rain cisterns with water so lovely you can drink from them

sedums gone wild…

in the garden everything is happy…


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