Where I Be Chillin’ (part nine – final entry!)

Well this holiday sure was an interesting, amazing, unexpected and unforgettable couple of weeks…did I have any favorite moments, you ask?  of course!  they included…

* that first smile from across the crowd at the airport * walking in the rainforest at the botanic gardens and being overcome with (happy) emotion… * brushing a beautiful palomino and talking to her blacksmith * fred astaire & ginger rogers and singing along to ‘a fine romance’ with my honey squeezing my hand… * amazing breakfasts at mart 130, fitzrovia, monk bodhi dharma, and fleur in melbourne * early morning walks before it got hot * two great black lab mixes, honey & mia, and their affection that made me remember my daisy girl’s love * truly homemade chai and conversation at raw ingredients with my wwoof’ing hostess in queenscliff * lots of new freckles! * afternoon siestas to escape the city heat * bird melodies and starry starry nights at indented head * a gentle horse that acted more like a giant puppy dog (including being chased by a mini poodle) * feeling so one hundred percent myself with my honey walking around st kilda – the best exhale in years * the most gorgeous pasta with mushrooms made by the same fella * quiet time writing in the most beautiful coffeehouse down an unsuspecting alley * falling asleep so so so easily * long walks along the indented head shoreline * great seashells * painting pictures for the garden 🙂 * knowing throughout exactly who i am and what makes me happy…

goodbye to the beautiful beach – love that salty air and that crazy surreal aqua water…

how awesome is it when you’re on the train back to melbourne with your fella and he suggests a repeat visit to the astor, this time to watch casablanca…”the germans wore gray and you wore blue”…oh yeah, dig my honey in his chuck norris tee and snazzy cowboy hat, meow!

i took this for my friend pam who is an ac/dc grrl from way back 🙂

now THAT is what i call awesome graffiti!!!

and right after it, this! love love love these back streets of st kilda, we had so much fun just kickin it on the walk home from the movie 🙂

drinkin’ f***ing expensive mojitos and chillin’ with my favorite guy (but DANG, i miss portland prices… $36 for 2 drinks!!)

lovin’ the architecture in st kilda as well, especially this one particular building!


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