Why I don’t believe in ribbons

y’all are gonna love my thoughts tonight…deeply offensive to some but possibly stirring to others…

In a time where there needs to be real and true action, solidarity via a made-in-China piece of ribbon is something that, to me personally, is a load of crap.  DO SOMETHING if you want to affect change.  Hug a person, love a person, teach a person.  And yes, I agreed with Jerry Seinfeld who didn’t wanna wear a ribbon!  Focus on what’s real.

GASP!  i hear in the background.

Yep, I said it.

I don’t wear ‘I love trees’ on my t-shirt to say that I am environmentally conscious.  I live green, and get greener each year through my actions.  I don’t have a car, I have reduced my garbage to 1/2 can a month, I grow a large percentage of my own food and do my homework to buy local,. I donate to environmental powerhouses like NRDC and volunteer with local organizations, and I continue to learn how to do better.  I share what I’ve learned and ask to learn more.  I am pissed off at the companies who make ‘a more environmentally friendly’ plastic water bottle as well all know that’s complete BS, and I’m pissed off at those who pass off people such as myself as freakish because they want the “choice” to be polluters.  Ahh, the American Dream and Freedom of Choice, both twisted to fit, like religion.

I don’t wear a red ribbon for HIV/AIDS.  I make sure the man I’m with wears a condom, I don’t sleep around, and I support organizations like Planned Parenthood who educate our youth about the realities of HIV/AIDS. I am vehemently against abstinence education as I think it’s absolute crap, and believe that the cause of this horrible disease is a direct result of a lack of love and education of our children – if you don’t have the self-respect to be responsible with and respectful of your body, there’s usually a root cause that a ribbon will not reveal nor cure.

I don’t wear a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer.  My mother and maternal grandmother and great-aunt as well as my paternal aunt have all received this diagnosis.  I do self-breast exams and have been getting regular mammograms since I was 30.  I encourage my girlfriends to get them as well no matter WHAT the idiots in the media say, and I donate to charities who do the real work.  Everyone knows that breast cancer is out there – but there are myths to be dispelled (still!) and that’s where we need to focus our energies on.  Not pink tee shirts where two cents out of the thirty dollars spent goes to an unnamed charity that may or may not give those two cents to actual research rather than overhead costs. I believe there is more power in education and action than there ever will be in a pink post-it note, ribbon.  I think there is a serious issue with nonprofits like Komen.org which accept donations from corporations who create products that are destructive to the environment and to the body, which ultimately surrounds the cause of this cancer.  (Yoplait lids?  One serving containers that are not only hard to recycle but full of corn-syrup laden yogurt. Hmm.)

I don’t tie a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree or wave an American flag to prove I am patriotic.  I am fervently opposed to what my government spends on national defense and am ashamed at the history of murder that has been carried on in the name of patriotism.  I believe in nonviolence and believe that the current form of the American military is as hypocritical as it gets. We encourage nonviolence in our children but call it ‘natural’ for boys to want to carry toy guns.  We encourage nonviolence in our children but expose them to violence in the media through movies, TV, and video games to name a few.  We encourage nonviolence in our children yet when they are 18 our boys are forced to register with Selective Service so that they may be drafted to kill those in another country.  We talk about peace and democracy in the Middle East but are more than willing to be the judge, jury, and executioner because in the end, it’s not about morals – it’s about economics.  We glorify our military as ‘brave’ and ‘defending our freedom’ – yet we are dealing with the truth of PTSD because we have forced our men and women to defend our country through the murder, rape, and torture of the citizens of other countries.  While I admit I’ve wanted very very bad individuals to die, I do not believe in the death penalty anymore and believe if we truly were focused on rehabilitation, the bad guys would stay in jail and the many who could be saved, are. 

I won’t ever, ever wear a crucifix, a cross, rosary beads, or a Jesus fish.  Religion is, per the World Dictionary, “belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or to have control of human destiny”.  In other words, it is an opinion, an idea, and not truth..  The idiots who want to prevent a mosque from being built down the street from Ground Zero because a few assholes of Muslim religion committed mass murder, while their Christian ‘brothers and sisters’ have volunteered to join a military with a long history of bloodshed on its hands?  Where they try to say that the USA is a Christian nation even though one of our main tenets is Freedom of Religion (which includes the right to NOT believe in that crap!)?  I always find it interesting how many in the mainstream will mock Christian Rock, or Scientology, or Mormonism, or Islam, yet chants “USA, USA!” as if they are some kind of fucking patriot, and gasp in horror if someone has the balls to say OUT LOUD that they think institutionalized religion is a crock of shit. 

“Now, the angels went to the house of the one Godly man in town – Lot. And the townspeople tried to rape them. Now, Lot, not wanting his town to get the reputation as the kind of place that would rape angels, offered up to the mob his own daughters to rape. And he was the good guy in town. Which brings me to this question: If I ever had to swear an oath, why would I want to put my hand on the King James Bible? I think I could find more morality in the Rick James Bible.” – Religulous


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