Winter Solstice nears…

What has been beautiful is that everyone gets along so well – it makes me thrilled at how great my friends are. I love bringing people together. Probably why I love recruiting so much – it’s all about finding the right fit and making people happy, showing them something they never realized they’d love so much. My parties have always been fun, not drunken fiestas but rather a place for people to be comfortable, get to know my unique circle of friends, taste some of my concoctions, and enjoy great conversation and music, while laughing as loud as they want.

Last year my Winter Solstice was canceled due to the storm. Summer made up for it with my homemade mac n cheese, collard greens and the like, chillin’ in the back yard with the latest assortment of personalities. But I’m looking forward to this Winter. A few nibbles, some truffles, and cocktails. This year, I picked up a few quarts of fresh pressed apple cider at the farmer’s market, with thoughts of cocktails that warm the belly at Solstice-time.

One of my favorite liqueurs is made by Loft, the first organic liqueur company in the country, owned by Portland’s New Deal Distillery. Their Ginger Cello is incredible – I use it for ginger lemon drops and my ginger spice truffles, with great results. So this year I’ve found a recipe that I think might rosy the cheeks of my guests while I ply them with caprese tomatoes and surround them with Lushy

Winter Holiday

1 oz LOFT Spicy Ginger Cello 2 oz spiced rum 1 oz apple juice (or cider) Dash cinnamon

I am ready for the shortest day of the year to be upon us. Solstice is a celebration of new life, a rebirth. It is ironic that last year the celebration never occurred…and therefore my rebirth was postponed. Mother Earth obviously had many more lessons in store for me to learn this year before I was to see the sun standing still.

"Our attention should not be on the accelerating demands of action to fulfill some cultural impossibility (Christmas and all its attendant demands on time and energy), but on our inner fires, our visions. If we are in sync with the Earth, our outer world will mean less as our inner world expands. The light within will illuminate how we and our world should be. This year, let’s join in dancing our dreams alive as Mother Night watches over us, giving birth to a new dawn. Let’s heed our dreams, the ones that are birthed within us, not the ones imposed from without. Let’s let the spirit of our ever full, loving hearts’ reality drive out the ghosts of want and illusion. Watch your dreams. Dance your dream. It is the only “reality” that matters."

– from an article by Jim Ewing


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